Whole30 Low Down

I decided to do something on January 2nd. January 1st was the day of research of what exactly I was getting myself into.I was going to do the Whole30 program, not to lose weight but to obtain the other benefits of eating super clean and also improve my relationship with food. (Currently at day 24/30) Raise your hand if you are an emotional eater… *Slowly lifts arm*

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Improving Your Life

I heard someone say “happiness is a choice, not a destination” and it changed my life. Many people spend their years seeking happiness, trying to get to this mythological “good place” in their life. When the power to be happy already resides in your mind, and it can be an option every single day. You just have to choose it and keep choosing it every single day. Continue reading

West Midtown 

This Monday because of the holidays my sister had the day off and magically I did too! My mom wanted to do a little girls day so we went to West Midtown to eat and then browse around IKEA. For lunch we ended up at Brick House which was delicious! Super fresh with really quality ingredients. Continue reading