Whole30 Low Down

I decided to do something on January 2nd. January 1st was the day of research of what exactly I was getting myself into.I was going to do the Whole30 program, not to lose weight but to obtain the other benefits of eating super clean and also improve my relationship with food. (Currently at day 24/30) Raise your hand if you are an emotional eater… *Slowly lifts arm*

I highly recommend purchasing the book and reading it thoroughly, so you can get the idea of the program, I reference it almost daily. What I found most useful was the timeline of what to expect during your journey. It lets you know what has happened to other Whole30-ers pretty much every day. Kind of like “What to Expect When Your Expecting”.

I really hate to admit how great I feel, because Whole30 is such a commitment. But its true, I’m like Oprah with her love affair with bread. You just start to feel better. In the book it explains that we have all adopted a new sense of the “normal feeling” and you don’t realize what is disrupting your body. In addition to that, we have begun to consume so much sugar that our body now relies on it for energy and burns that first. Our body is originally designed to burn and use energy from the macro nutrients; protein, fat and carbs.

So here’s the 411. You’re going to go to the grocery store a lot, you’re going to become obsessed with nutritional labels and you’re going to be in the kitchen a lot. But it so worth it!

My best advice is to plan, plan, plan. Do a meal plan for the whole week so you are prepared. Example:


Breakfast: 2 Scrambled eggs and hash browns

Lunch: Buffalo Chicken Wings and Sweet Potato fries

Dinner: Sausage and roasted vegetable bake

Snacks: Apple with cashew butter, banana, Lara bar


Breakfast: 2 Hard-boiled Eggs and blackberries

Lunch: Left over Sausage and roasted veggies (from Sunday)

Dinner: Spaghetti Squash with meat sauce

Snacks: Green beans, apple


Breakfast: Hard-boiled Eggs and a banana

Lunch: Chipotle (Specifically the Carnitas and all the toppings, besides cheese/sour cream/salad dressing, are compliant)

Dinner: Left over spaghetti squash with meat sauce

Snacks: Apple and cashew butter

See how I roll meals over into the next day? It means I don’t have to cook as much and I don’t waste any food. It pays to make more food so your prepared. The main reason people fail Whole30 is because they do not plan ahead.


  1. Don’t call it a diet
  2. Have a positive outlook, don’t think all these meals are punishments. A lot of them are delicious. Even Bradley said “If I can eat stuff like this I can do Whole30”
  3. Remind yourself why you started
  4. Keep a journal
  5. Don’t let yourself go hungry. One day I felt like I ate so much, but after logging it into MyFitnessPal I was still on track with my nutrient counts of fat/protein/carbs because everything I am eating is essentially good for me

What I have been feeling: less anxiety, no general discomfort or pain, quality sleep, able to wake up in the morning with no lethargy, skin cleared, my mood is so stabilized, I am just happy, no bloating, no nausea, able to focus better, great energy, weight loss, flat tummy, the benefits are endless at this point.

I think everyone should give it a try! It really has made me think about food in a different way. After all, you only get one body in this lifetime FEED IT WELL!




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