Improving Your Life

I heard someone say “happiness is a choice, not a destination” and it changed my life. Many people spend their years seeking happiness, trying to get to this mythological “good place” in their life. When the power to be happy already resides in your mind, and it can be an option every single day. You just have to choose it and keep choosing it every single day.

These are some things I try to do every day to make my life a little better.

  1. EXPRESS GRATITUDE: Even if it’s something small. One day a friend called me and was troubled about something frivolous and I asked him to tell me five things he was grateful for and (I think) it pulled him out of that mood and made him focus on what’s important in life.
  2. WAKE UP WITH THE SUN: it’s not easy being an early riser, however I promise you will eventually feel more accomplished. Plus you get to be awake for more hours in your day!
  3. FORGIVE (aka don’t give a damn): don’t let anybody live rent free in your mind. Push your ego aside and forgive, even without telling said person. Set yourself free.
  4. DE-CLUTTER: this is a huge one I need to work on. Can we all take a moment to remember how peaceful it is to talk into a clean, organized hotel room? Well you could actually do that with your own room! What a great feeling that would be to wake up to.
  5. KNOW WHEN TO SPEAK UP, OR TO STAY QUIET: let us not waste the air we breathe on something pointless. Instead of joining in on a heated situation, sit back and observe.  Speak to influence and inspire, not to upset.
  6. JOURNAL(if you choose to stay quiet^): about everything! Ups or downs, regardless it’s great to look back and reminisce. It is truly one of the most therapeutic things.
  7. ELIMINATE NEGATIVITY: at the end of the day, your space and well-being is all you have. Do not allow negative situations or individuals envelop your space. Think about the influence certain things have on you and proceed with caution.

I hope some of these tips help you! Let me know what tips y’all have on improving your quality of life.





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