Lashes to the High Heavens

So I got eyelash extensions. I have been obsessed with the idea of them for a couple years now, and when my good friend Nicole told me about the special introductory rate that was more than 70% cheaper than normal, I really had no choice but to do it. If you love makeup and beauty stuff as much as me you can justify it, if you don’t… I’m sorry you think I wasted my money.

Using synthetic hair they attach a faux individual lash hair to one of your lashes with a medical grade adhesive and repeat until all of your natural lashes are filled. It takes about two hours and was completely painless. The extensions last 4 or so weeks and naturally fall out like your own lashes would.

When I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror I was amazed! My lashes were full, fluffy and long in the best way possible. I feel so confident without makeup, and I know that’s a personal issue. But I love wearing makeup so this is huge for me.

Now the only caveat is how I’m going to maintain this dangerous habit I’ve started. I kind of never want to be without them. So here’s to less Starbucks and eating out!

I would highly recommend Amazing Lash Studio. It is a beautiful (and clean) salon, and all of the girls are professionals! This is the only service Amazing Lash offers so to me they are experts on the subject.

Tag me on Insta if you get some! @juliacberger




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